“from everlasting to everlasting you are God” Psalms 90:2

We live lives that are so brief in light of eternity… but the incredible hope of Easter is that we are welcomed back into everlasting life through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Join us this Easter as we journey together through the cross to the glorious resurrection that makes us everlasting.

Wednesday Worship Service

27th March, 7.30pm
Our regular Wednesday Worship Service, with opportunity to pray and rest in the presence of Jesus, in the week leading up to Easter. 

Good Friday Service

29th March, 5pm – 9pm
Come along between 5pm – 9pm to reflect on different aspects of Jesus’ journey to the cross through interactive stations. At 7.30pm, we’ll gather for a time of worship and communion.

Easter Sunday Service

31st March, at 10.30am
Our Sunday Services celebrating Easter, Easter parties in kids & youth environments.

Easter Sunday Worship & Baptisms

31st March, 7.30pm
Continue celebrating the everlasting hope of Easter, with extended musical worship and baptisms!

Family Egg Hunt

Easter Monday, 1st April 10.30am
Downhill Forest / FREE
A fantastic morning for families of all ages – with games, challenges and prizes!