Becoming Part of Causeway Coast Vineyard

At Causeway Coast Vineyard we long to see a move of God which will result in everyone in our community being marked by loving connection, and practicing healthy, inclusive relationships in all areas of their lives. We are a people who bring life to every area in our community, and so we want connection to be reflected in every space we move in. If you consider yourselves to be a part of the CCV family, or if you would like to be, we’d love to encourage you to journey with us in the ways below.

How do I Become Part of CCV?
Small groups

Grow in a Small Group

At CCV, Small Groups run termly and are spaces to grow – in our faith, in community and even in our interests! From table tennis to marriage courses, studying the bible to dog walking, there’s a Small Group for everyone – wherever you are at when it comes to faith.


Connect with a Hub

Services are a big place! Our desire is not that we will know everyone, but that everyone is known. This happens best in Hubs. Hubs are groups of around 50 people and are largely based geographically. They gather centrally about once a term (as well as other connection moments) and provide a space for us to lend our connection to one another.


Bring Life to our Community

We are people who bring life to every area in our community. We want to connect, love and pray for others on our streets, schools, shops, supermarkets and wherever we find ourselves! We want to be the church that Jesus designed to be – everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Serve on a Team

We are people who serve anywhere, both in our wider community and in different areas around CCV. There is no better way to be a part of something than to be part of the team that makes it happen! There are so many ways that we can serve around CCV, with great flexibility too.


Join us this Sunday!