For generations stories have been told to pass on knowledge and learning from one person or community to the next. Today we hear stories everywhere; on social media, in the news, in advertising, in every place that we visit and person we connect with.

Everyone has a story.

The Causeway Coast has its own unique story. A story that has been passed down by people who have gone before us, a story that God is writing in us as a community today, and a story that will go ahead of us, that is yet to unfold and be told.

Here at Causeway Coast Vineyard, we are seeking to answer the question:

How should we live today to see this community look more like Jesus tomorrow?

As we answer this question, we want to share our stories along the way.

Stories of encouragement and risk taking, stories of healing and hope. Stories of everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Whether we need faith for our own story or encouragement to keep living a life of risk in our everyday, we want to continue the long-held tradition of passing on the stories and learnings.

Our hope is that as you read these pages, you would experience God’s goodness and find faith to believe Him for the impossible in your story.

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