Encounter School of Mission is a nine month course that helps students discover their kingdom identity, understand their kingdom authority and brings clarity to their kingdom assignment. Something incredible happens when the church shows up in the community and demonstrates the kingdom with compassion and authority. God has given His church supernatural power to bring life to broken communities, broken workplaces, broken families, and broken bodies. Our desire is to help the Church all over the world to leave the building. We want to see a generation raised up who are intentionally infecting their community with the Kingdom through the daily routine of life… the result: the lost are saved, the sick healed, the poor welcomed and the captives freed.

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For more information, please download our course pack which contains more details on course content, cost and international students.

Please note: online applications are now closed.


For more information, please download our course pack which contains more details on course content, cost and international students.

Please note: online applications are now closed.

Class of 2024 Applications Close - 31st August:









Internships are an amazing opportunity to grow in leadership, develop your gifts, and expand your vision of what God is doing by serving within our vibrant, mission-focused community at Causeway Coast Vineyard. We are looking for interns who are passionate and servant-hearted, and who will wholeheartedly invest ten months of their lives to serve within our community.

During your year here, you will receive leadership development and support from pastoral oversight, you will be trained and equipped in your main ministry area and you will have the incredible opportunity to experience ministry within our hope-filled and visionary community.

What Our Students Say

If you want to be challenged, if you want to go deeper in your relationship with God, if you want to be stretched, if you want an experience like no other – ESOM is what you want to consider doing.


“If you want to go on an adventure with Jesus, [ESOM] is just a wild, crazy year where you’ll be stretched and do things you never thought were possible…It’s so worth it.


“I didn’t know what [ESOM] was going to look like being online, but I have loved every minute of it. I don’t feel like I had a lesser experience online. The ESOM team are amazing, they do such a good job at making you feel included.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Encounter School of Mission Cost?

ESOM is a course that we as Causeway Coast Vineyard invest in every year financially. We believe it is important for each of our students to commit financially to their studies but not put themselves in a position of financial difficulty.

These are the current costs for Encounter School of Mission:

On-Site: £750  

Online: £500 *online applications are now closed.

Internship: ESOM will be paid by Causeway Coast Vineyard

What does the fee cover?

The course fee covers course material, staff costs, speaker honorariums, conference & encounter day tickets, graduation and a local mission trip. For onsite students it also goes towards refreshments and retreat costs.

What additional costs are there?

The course fee does not cover books on the course reading list or travel and accommodation costs for non-local mission trips – these will need to be budgeted for by the student during the year. Onsite students also need to factor in accommodation and living costs, details of which can be found below.

Do I need to pay it all upfront?

An initial payment of £150 is required to confirm your place and this must be paid one month after being accepted onto ESOM. The remainder of your course fee must be paid by 9th September (International payments will incur a £25 processing fee)

Are there bursaries available?

On occassion there is the availability to offer bursaries to students. Please indicate that you would like to be considered for a bursary in your course interview. 

How Much Does It Cost to Study In the Area?

Rent: £200 (based on 3 sharing) 
Utility bills: £50
Public transport: £100
Food: £100
Miscellaneous: £50
Total estimated monthly costs per person =  £500 

(Please note: all costs are in GBP – British Pound Sterling) 

Students will be required as part of the application form to sign a commitment agreeing to the financial implications of attending Encounter School of Mission as outlined previously. This commitment states that they agree to organise their support in advance of starting,  and that they agree that it is their responsibility to cover their entire living expenses for the year on time. 

What age do you have to be to do ESOM?

We have a minimum age requirement of 18 for all applicants. But whether you are 18 or 118, you are so welcome to apply for ESOM!

How many assignments are there?

You will have 1 book and 1 assignment to complete per month. The assignments are completed online and are an exercise to equip you to reflect on the teaching from that month and the book you have read. If this feels like a barrier to you please talk to us during your interview.

Can I choose the online option if I am from Causeway Coast Vineyard?

ESOM onsite is the best option for those are able to come. However, we understand that even those of us who live locally, may not be able to attend ESOM onsite. Therefore the online option can be accessed by those living locally

*online applications are now closed.

Can I do part of the school online and part of it onsite?

No. If you choose the online option you will be required to complete all parts of the course independently and vice versa

Can I do ESOM with a group from my local church?

Yes, we believe this will be the best way to complete the online option. As long as the Senior Leader of the church approves and all members of the group are accepted onto the course we would love to help make this option work for you.

*online applications are now closed, please chat to Steph if you would like to discuss doing Encounter School of Mission as a group. 

I want to do ESOM online but my home church don’t want me to. Can I still do the course?

Whilst we sympathise with this situation unfortunately you will be not be accepted to do ESOM. All online students must have the permission of their local church.

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