The independent review process addressing the concerns raised around Alan Scott’s leadership, as commissioned by Causeway Coast Vineyard together with Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland, has been completed. A joint statement has been released along with the report.


Joint Statement from the leadership of Causeway Coast Vineyard and Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland concerning the conclusion of the independent review process into Alan Scott. 

We are deeply saddened to read the conclusions of the independent review process into concerns relating to Alan Scott. We are grateful to those who have had the courage to come forward and for the integrity of the review process.

We acknowledge that wrong and hurtful conduct occurred at Causeway Coast Vineyard and we apologise to all those who were hurt, harmed, mistreated or in any way negatively impacted by their time at this church.

The independent review has identified themes and repeated patterns of behaviour including examples of manipulation, inappropriate comments, narcissistic behaviour, and certain occurrences of public shaming and spiritual abuse. We have published the report for clarity and transparency. We intend to implement the recommendations in full and have already made significant progress in most areas. 

We are sorry that we have not always acted well and been all that Jesus called us to be. We have offered counselling to those who have been affected and have provided support to those who would find it helpful.

(Note: Alan and Kathryn Scott left CCV in June 2017 and left the Vineyard movement in March 2022. Neil and Janet Young resigned as Senior Pastors of CCV in October 2023).


The report can be viewed here.

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